Greetings Traveler

A convergence of characters on Earth in the year 2050 A.D. with one change to history. The first steam engine was made with materials alien to the planet. The new element, Sinium exponentially increased the power output to the point of what another time line might call fusion. The byproduct of improperly formed alloys caused the reproductive rate to exponentially increase the number of twins, triplets and on even to some countries reporting upward of 8 children birthed at a time. In 200 years this caused a new exploration in humanity’s history out of curiosity and out of need, to space.


1698 – Thomas Savery patents the Steam Engine.

1712 – Tomas Newcomen and Denis Papin test an early prototype. Having to improvise with local parts after a shipping mix up the two pump an estimated 347,768,226,144 gallons of water from an underground lake at Griff colliery, Warwickshire England.

1752 (June) – Benjamin Franklin reports his findings with a kite.

1759 – James Watt’s separate condenser model is presented at the University of Glasgow.

1765 – James Watt produced a working model on a small scale.

1787 (August 22) – “Perseverance” was made on the Delaware River by John Fitch causing a boom in travel.

Michael Faraday

1901 – Nikola Tesla leaves Earth and is never heard from again. Earth’s population is now 9 billion.

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